The FourWeekMBA Books 8-in-1 Bundle

Eight Guides To Become A Better Business Person

"I learnt more in 90 mins in a coffee shop from the resources of FourWeekMBA than in three years of part-time MBA”

- Helen Rankin, Director of International Space City

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- Bruce Terry, Former CEO of Mayfran International

"Thanks to the FourWeekMBA I have learned about some of the fundamental business concepts everyone interested in business should know and about the business models of the Companies shaping the world."

- Laura Soto von Arnim, Senior Information Security Specialist - Risk Management at MediaTek

The The Business Library is a collection of ebooks meant to help you to kick off your understanding of business strategy, digital entrepreneurship, and innovation in business. From business modeling, business development and sales, marketing, branding, digital distribution, and more, here you will find the top-notch resources you need to enhance your understanding of the business world.

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